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R&D Focus

CoreTech International is first and foremost a research and development company, with the ability to market the products developed, and build the proper organizational structures for project success.  As CoreTech’s scientists and engineers are consistently looking for new and better products for the global market, such development has led to the creation of several additional products. CoreTech International, Inc. has invested into the development and acquisition of technology surrounding renewable energy sources.  With US and global emphasis upon alternative energy resources, CoreTech’s cellular concrete being a “green” environmentally-friendly product, and some of our executive team’s experience in wind energy project development, CoreTech has investigated other technologies that will provide great opportunities for success in the renewable energy market.  We will migrate into further development of renewable energy resources once we satisfy the initial market demand for our cellular concrete products.

While our core business is cellular concrete built around our superior cellular concrete technology, product development to meet market needs, and management capacity to get the products effectively into the market, CoreTech is committed to the effective research and development of any technology that would increase the value of our cellular concrete products, or product derivatives, in the global marketplace.  This strengthens the corporate name, reputation as an industry leader, market value, and financial bottom-line.