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CoreTech International, Inc. has current and planned locations in the following geographic regions:


CoreTech’s Corporate Headquarters operation is located in the Nashville region of Tennessee in the United States of America.  CoreTech established Corporate operations in Nashville in 2005.  CoreTech Corporate is currently located in a suburb of Nashville, Mount Juliet.  CoreTech is reviewing several sites in the Nashville region for the development of our new Corporate HQ and R&D operations, CoreTech Park.   

One of CoreTech’s projects is the first true technology business park in middle Tennessee, and has the significance as the “first green technology R&D business park in North America”.  Completing the “Southeastern Technology Corridor” between Huntsville, Alabama, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee, CoreTech Park is being recognized as a potential hub of advanced green technology development.  CoreTech Park is a 200+ acre world class business park adjacent to high-end residential and retail developments.  CoreTech Park will become home to the corporate headquarters of CoreTech International, Inc., our global R&D and Technology Training Facility (TTF), as well as some 20-30 other technology companies who have or will show an interest in this park as it comes to life.  As many as 2500 technology employees will work in CoreTech Park when complete.  This is truly a world-class development, led by a world-class company.  It is also exciting to note that practically everything in this 200-acre development will be made of CoreTech products, from roads and infrastructure to homes, office buildings, and shopping centers.  This project has completed civil engineering, initial architectural design, planning and zoning.  This project was placed on hold due to financing challenges with the onset of the poor state of the US economy in late 2008.  The plans remain, the interest remains, the need is still there, and other organizations in the green technology space are interested in joining CoreTech on this significant project.  For more information on CoreTech Park, go to www.coretechpark.com.   

CoreTech opened our first North American pre-cast cellular concrete R&D facility in Cumberland City, Tennessee in 2006.  Since that time, CoreTech product development and testing has been performed at this facility.  CoreTech will migrate its continued prototype development into the new Mississippi factory in 2010, and will move all R&D efforts to CoreTech Park upon completion.   

CoreTech is part of the Global Green Energy Disaster Relief Center being located in Memphis, Tennessee.  CoreTech is in the process of developing a pre-cast wall-panel facility within a large factory in Memphis that will serve as the global disaster relief center for the United States of America.  This facility consists of 130 acres, with 26 acres under roof, making it one of the largest facilities of its kind.  CoreTech will produce and store panel products for the rapid deployment in areas of the world that become devastated by natural or man-made disasters.  These pre-cast panels will allow for rapid reconstruction of homes, hospitals, orphanages, industrial, and commercial facilities in the wake of disasters.  CoreTech will have thousands of panels fabricated and placed in shipping containers ready for delivery to locations of disasters.  CoreTech Project Management will accompany the panels to the disaster site, and supervise the erection of homes and other shelters in the aftermath of the disaster.  The ability to assemble, for example, a 1200 sf temporary home with 3 men and a Bobcat within 4 hours, or a larger 3000 sf temporary facility in a days time, all out of materials that will withstand storms and aftershocks, gives CoreTech the unique ability to provide necessary shelter in times when it is most needed.  From this same facility, the Global Green Energy Disaster Relief Center will provide water, shelter, food, seed, and fertilizer to meet the immediate needs in the wake of disasters anywhere in the world.  This facility is the culmination of a long-time dream of International Ambassador Oscar J. Webb, and will be in operation in 2010.

CoreTech’s first full-production manufacturing facility is being located in the Gulf region of coastal Mississippi.  CoreTech is completing negotiations with State and Local government bodies in Mississippi for the development of North America’s first pre-cast high-volume cellular concrete panel production facility.  This 60,000 square foot facility has the capacity to produce CoreTech wall panels for some 300+ homes per month; homes that will not blow down in storms or crumble with seismic activity.  Commercial, industrial, and residential pre-cast products will be manufactured in this south Mississippi facility for use across the Southeast region of the United States.  Additionally, CoreTech seismic-resistant panels will be built in the Mississippi facility and shipped to Haiti to satisfy the demand for our product in the large Haiti redevelopment project of CoreTech.  CoreTech plans to be located within the temporary facility in south Mississippi by late 2010, and be in the new state-of-the-art cellular concrete pre-cast facility by fourth quarter 2011.

CoreTech has recently been awarded a large humanitarian development contract to locate a CoreTech pre-cast factory in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  This CoreTech factory will be a critical component in the redevelopment of the earthquake-destroyed Port-Au-Prince region.  CoreTech products will be utilized in the entire reconstruction and redevelopment of Haiti, and upon completion of this Haiti factory, will be supplied from this location.  Until that time, deployment of products to support the Haiti redevelopment will come from the coastal Mississippi factory.

CoreTech is finalizing negotiations for the development of the first cellular concrete high-volume pre-cast manufacturing facility in India.  This facility will produce our proprietary pre-cast panel systems for the rapid development of affordable housing across India, a country that indicates its greatest national need is that of affordable quality housing.  There are four such CoreTech factories planned in India, the first set for development in 2011.

CoreTech is finalizing plans to place a high-volume pre-cast manufacturing facility in northern Alberta, Canada.  This factory will provide needed housing, commercial buildings, and roads within the oil sands regions of Northern Alberta.  CoreTech roads will allow for much more rapid development, and will not fail with the harsh freeze-thaw issues that plague this region.  Aggregates are not needed for these roads, allowing for much faster roads at greatly reduced costs.  Affordable, rapidly-constructed housing will be provided from this facility to meet the housing needs of the region.  Plans for the development of the CoreTech factory in Alberta are slated for late 2010-early 2011.


CoreTech is finalizing plans to provide four factories within the MENA region of the world.  These factories will provide pre-cast products for homes, palaces, industrial buildings, powerplants, recreational facilities, and commercial buildings, as well as our proprietary products for new high-speed rail systems.  Plans for the development of the first MENA regional factory will commence in 2011.