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Company Officers

CoreTech International, Inc. has been very successful in attracting world-class management executives to develop and lead the success of our business. These key management employees are supported by the strength of the Company’s Board of Directors.  They are given latitude to design, build and manage what will be the most successful cellular concrete company in the industry.

CoreTech International, Inc. is developing a world-class corporate organization to lead the development of a world-class technology into a global marketplace.  Focusing on the building of an organization that will lead our efforts to manage, market, develop, and deliver our cellular concrete product into a world marketplace, CoreTech is attracting some of the best business leaders in the US.  Our CEO & President, Mr. Greg Quinn, was recruited to build and develop CoreTech and lead CoreTech’s operations, based on his 27 years of business management, extensive technical market development, and renowned reputation in the building of new technology organizations.  Mr. Quinn is developing and managing the CoreTech organization that will provide the foundation for the success of our products and company globally, and will effectively manage global operations of CoreTech.  One of Mr. Quinn’s former colleagues in the US aerospace industry, Mr. Ken Griffey, joins CoreTech as our VP of Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Griffey has over 20 years experience in the business development, product management, marketing and sales of technology products and services.  Mr. Griffey will lead the international sales team, and will provide marketing leadership for CoreTech Internationally as well as in North America. Lindy White, a concrete industry quality-engineering manager with more than 35 years of pre-cast concrete experience, leads our technical team as Director of Quality Engineering.  Dave Cummins, CoreTech’s Director of Human Resources and Administration, has over 28 years experience in HR and Administrative management within high-technology organizations. Other management, technical, and support personnel are on board or are currently being recruited for key positions within our organization.  The combination of a stellar team, along with exceptional market delivery programs and the best product in the cellular concrete industry, positions CoreTech for solid success.  

CEO & President: Greg Quinn
Greg brings to CoreTech more than 27 years of expertise in executive business leadership, organizational development consulting, human resources management, technical project management, and entrepreneurial development.  Prior to joining CoreTech as President in 2005, Greg functioned as CEO and President of Quinn Consulting, Inc., one of the leading organizational development consulting firms in North America, and is considered one of the top organizational development consultants in the free world.  Quinn Consulting has, since 1991, led the development of numerous technology companies in various industries, including defense, aerospace, construction technology, energy services, biotechnology, telecommunications, financial services, sales/marketing, Internet services, medical devices, optics, and communications technology.  Among the clients served by Greg and his team over the past 14 years are Agility Communications, BASF, Corning, Sprint, MCI, BellSouth, NASA, Department of Defense, PASS Network, 3D Labs, Sverdrup Technology, Keith Company, Stantec Engineering, Calspan, MicroCraft, Latitude Communications, Motiva, GE Medical Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Intense 3D, Intergraph Computer Systems, Commtouch Software, Rockwell Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin, Science & Technology Corporation, GST Telecommunications, Staples Communications, Microsoft, PageNet, Motorola, BlueStar Communications, DynCorp, IndyMac Bank, Novastar Financial Services, and SAIC.  Prior to his consulting and executive business leadership career, Greg spent 11 years within various business/industry/technology as Human Resources Director, Employment Manager, and Technical Project Manager.  Greg has been quoted in several business publications, and has been a platform speaker at numerous conventions and seminars.  Greg has undergraduate educational degrees/experience in Chemistry and Engineering, advanced-degree studies in Business, as well as non work-specific bachelors and masters degrees in Bible.  Greg has been selected several times to Who’s Who in American Business, as well as Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and Who’s Who among American High School Students.  Greg received the Tennessee Businessman of the Year award in both 2004 and 2005 from the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and in late 2005 received their highest honor, the Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal.  Greg was elected to the Republican Round Table in 2006, and continues to serve in advisory capacities to the National Republican Congressional Committee.  Greg also volunteers many hours in community and public service, and leads a ministry organization that utilizes technology to reach the youth of America.  He has spoken at churches across the Southeastern US, and has authored programs for youth development.  He is currently developing the national Youth Entrepreneurial Center concept, creating stimulating business incubator environments to develop young business leaders and their organizations. CoreTech is very proud to have Mr. Quinn at the helm of our organization.

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing:  Arlen Ken Griffey
Ken leads CoreTech’s international sales and marketing efforts, and brings to our team more than 20 years of solid marketing, sales, product development, and business development expertise.  Ken has served as Deputy Chief Enterprise Architect for NASA and as Chief Enterprise Architect in private industry.   Prior to joining CoreTech, Ken led business transformation, sales, marketing, product development, Enterprise Architecture (EA), and Organizational Development/Change Management (ODCM) efforts for several Fortune 500 companies and in government.  Some of the organizations he has worked with include Price-Waterhouse, Wal-Mart, Tyson’s Chicken, J.B. Hunt, Intergraph, MCI, Sprint, Coca-Cola, Office Depot, Home Depot, Zenith, Cable & Wireless America, Quinn Consulting, USPS, Navy, and Treasury.  Ken has been quoted in several IT publications and has served as a facilitator and speaker at many industry and multi-Agency forums.  Ken holds a summa-cum-laude MBA from Brenau University as well as an under-graduate degree in Electronics with highest honors from Southern Illinois University.  He was selected to the 57th edition of Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges and is a lifetime member of the Phi-Kappa-Phi national honor society.  Ken is a fellow of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute (FEACI) as well as member of the Product Development Managers Association (PDMA), the Association of Enterprise Architects and American Mensa.  Ken also earned more than 25 decorations, awards, ribbons and badges during his military service.  Ken is recognized as one of the brightest minds in technology marketing, and we are grateful to have him lead our sales and marketing development activities in North America and beyond.

Director of Quality:  Lindy White
Lindy brings to Core Tech more than 30 years of management, inspection and testing, and engineering application experience.  More than 20 of those years have been involved with precast concrete.  Lindy has worked for such producers as Stanley Structured and Unistress Corporation and for international contractors such as Ohbayashi America Corporation and Kishka Construction Corporation and the engineering firms Rimkus Consulting Group and Sverdrup.  Lindy has worked on parking garages up to ten floors above the ground to tunnels fifteen stories below the ground and lots of bridges and buildings in between.  Lindy has the highest level of Quality Control Personnel Certification from the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and is a Professional Engineer in his native state of Texas.

Director of Human Resources & Administration:  Dave Cummins
With over 28 years of business expertise, Dave now oversees several mission-critical functions for CoreTech as our Director of Human Resources & Administration.  Dave has served in leadership roles for commercial and government contracting organizations managing functions including recruiting & employment, benefits, compensation, payroll, training & development, accounting, facilities, procurement, and process improvement.  Prior to CoreTech, Dave worked with both small business and large corporate organizations in industry sectors such as energy exploration & development, aerospace, computer graphics, software development, hardware manufacturing, system integration, defense, state and local government contracting.  Dave has also made noteworthy contributions to past organizations as a courseware developer, trainer, instructor, and speaker.  He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Sam Houston State University with specialties in production, personnel, and economics.   CoreTech thanks Dave for his continuing contributions to our company.